Manganese Palm Deficiency Spikes – 5 pack




Affects the new emerging leaves, causing yellowing and necrosis between the veins and a reduction in leaf size. As deficiency becomes severe, the new leaves wither and have a “frizzled” look. If not promptly treated, Mn deficiency is often fatal to the palm. Manganese deficiency can affect most species of palms. Queen, paurotis and royal palms are particularly susceptible.

Use 2 to 10 Lutz Manganese Spikes per palm, depending on the size of trunk and severity of deficiency. Check the rate chart below.

Normal response is from 1 to 3 months.

Apply Manganese Spikes anytime the deficiency is observed.

Manganese (Mn) 20%
20% Water Soluble Manganese
Sulfur (S) 16%
16% Combined Sulfur (S)
Total Nitrogen (N) 4%
4% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Derived From: Manganese Sulfate, Sulfate of Ammonia.


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